This Is The 5 Best-Detailing Products You Must Have In Your Garage

This Is The 5 Best-Detailing Products You Must Have In Your Garage

From the desk of Dakota Gary, co-founder of Cajun Suds Auto Detailing. 

Being in the detailing world for almost 4 years now (not counting years of detailing as a hobby), I’ve come across hundreds of detailing products. It gets really confusing trying to figure out which ones to use. 

I spent a lot of money testing many of these products and I finally found a good combination that I love. So next time that you’re looking to revamp you're detailing shelf, I highly recommend you pick up these products! 

Chemical Guys All-Purpose Cleaner

This product sells itself. It does exactly what it says and it’s great at it. We use this all-purpose cleaner for cleaning the following: wheels & wheel wells, removing bugs off the frond-end, engine bays, exterior black plastics, interior carpet, interior leather, interior plastics, removing stains, and quick wipe downs. Make sure to follow the directions on the bottle for how much to dilute it. We recommend 1:10. Click here to view on Amazon

Adam’s Car Shampoo

Honestly can’t say if we keep buying this product because of the amazing smell it has or how well it works. This is a great car soap that isn’t too strong and doesn’t leave soap stains on the paint. It’s thick and forms a great amount of suds with little product, providing a good layer of lubrication to the paint when washing. Make sure to follow the recommended ratio for how much to pour in a bucket. Click here to view on Amazon. 

Stoners Invisible Glass

We’ve tested soo many different methods of glass cleaning. It’s something we’ve always had quality issues with and Stoners isn’t perfect but provides the highest quality of clean glass we can achieve. There’s 1 other variable that we’ve learned that will get you the best possible see-through glass look. Always use 2 brand new microfiber towels. Use one as a wet towel for the initial wipe and the second for a streak-free finish. ALWAYS clean glass in a fully shaded spot and ensure the windows are cool before starting. Stoners invisible glass is our go-to window cleaner. Click here to view on Amazon.

Griots Speed Shine

This is another one of those super versatile products, specifically for the exterior of your vehicle. Keep a bottle of Speed Shine in your car with a pack of microfiber towels and you’ll be set. We love this auto detailer because it doesn’t leave heavy streaks like most that we have tested. Use the same method of wet & dry towels as we did for the glass, and you’ll never have a problem. Provides a good layer of lubrication for clay baring. Great for last-minute touch-ups after washing your vehicle, for example: cleaning a bug off the front end, missed a spot on a door, dirt on chrome, missed a spot on a wheel, etc. We always recommend wiping down your vehicle with auto detailer after washing it. It helps remove any film that soap might have left or water spots that haven’t fully hardened yet. Click here to view on Amazon. 

Chemical Guys Silk Shine

Our go-to tire shine. Now, I will warn you. This product is NOT a high gloss tire shine that lasts for days. In fact, it will prob last a good 2-4 days before wearing off. But it’s super versatile and that’s why we love it. Let’s say you have big off-road tires, you can put this in a spray bottle and spray it on. It works great on black plastics as well. You can apply multiple coats to help extend the life of it. ALSO if you’re one of those people that like shiny glossy interior, you can use this product instead of armor all. It does not leave a slippery or oily finish. Click here to view on Amazon

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