Next Level Paint Protection From Life Proof Auto

The LifeProof Difference

When you're after paint protection, a wax coating is usually the common solution. Unfortunately that wax coating could end up being a false economy, as within weeks, and sometimes even days in harsher climates, the wax coating wears off, leaving you unprotected paint without you even knowing. 

Finding a long-lasting alternative is easy; Life Proof Auto has a ceramic coating called LifeProof that doesn't wear off, wash away, or break down over time. According to the Life Proof team, it cant even be removed with chemicals, think of it as a glass or diamond coat for your paint job. 

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One of the best parts of waxing your car is the gloss, and watching the water bead off it. With the added protection of LifeProof, you not only get an extremely high gloss shine, the coating is extremely hydrophobic. The glass-like appearance, water beading capabilities, and protection will last a lifetime too, if its properly maintained. 

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Do it once, do it right comes to mind when you're working with LifeProof, as you will never have to wax your car again, simply have the protection completed and you're good to go. If you thought Life Proof was only for paint, think again. Life Proof has a coating for your wheels, calipers, plastic surfaces, glass, leather, and more. 

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Experience the LifeProof difference! With this coating, there is no re-application or special maintenance required and offers lifetime coverage. Each vehicle that is coated is offered a warranty that is backed by an A rated insurance carrier. LifeProof passes Boeing's strict aircraft testing regulations. Aircraft are subject to much harsher environmental conditions. View Report


Acid rain, tree sap, bird waste, decaying insects, road de-icing materials, UV damage and other environmental factors have all proven to damage your vehicle's paint. These factors are not covered by the manufacturer warranty. The LifeProof Program featuring Ceramic Protection Technology protects your vehicle against attacks against your paint!


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LifeProof is only available to authorized installers and not the general public. Luckily for you, we are an official installer! Pricing and more information regarding to scheduling, can be found on our Ceramic Coating page under services. >CLICK HERE<