How To Wash Your Car Like A Pro

How To Wash Your Car At Home Like A Pro (with product links)

So you’ve been seeing all of our posts but can’t quite afford a professional detail? Or maybe you are just one of those “do it yourself” type of people! 

Here’s a quick guide on how to wash your car at home like a pro! (With links to products) 

Time estimate 1-2 hours

Things You’ll Need

Note: These are all the products we use. You can use similar products of different brands!

Step #1

Determine the area of where the vehicle detail will be completed. Example: I will wash it outside on the concrete then pull it inside my garage to be dried. (Note: we recommend washing it in a shaded area but completely understand if it’s not possible. Washing it in the shade will help fight against water marks.)

Step #2

Fill 3 x 5 gallon buckets to be about 50% with water. Use Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo in two of the buckets. Dedicate one of those 2 buckets filled with soap, as the wheel bucket. Put one microfiber wash mitt, one wheel woolie, and one brush inside the wheel bucket. Put one microfiber wash mitt in the other soap bucket. 

Step #3

Spray off the first wheel. Use Chemical Guys All Purpose Cleaner diluted 1:10 (one part cleaner and 10 parts water) and spray it on the wheel. Spray Chemical Guys Degreaser diluted 1:10 (one part cleaner and 10 parts water) on the tire and wheel well. Scrub the wheel using the wash mitt dedicated to wheels and then use the wheel woolie to clean the wheel barrel. Then scrub the tire and wheel well with the brush. Lastly, hose off the wheel and wheel well thoroughly to remove any standing chemicals. Repeat process for the next 3 wheels. 

Step #4

Once wheels are completed, grab your other 2 buckets. These are dedicated just for the paint. Never cross buckets or wash mitts. Start off by spraying off the roof of the vehicle. Then take your wash mitt full of suds and wash the roof, then dip your wash mitt into the clean water bucket (which will now become the dirty water bucket), then back into the suds bucket. Spray off the roof. Next do the windshield and hood, following the same technique. Goal is to work from top to bottom. After windshield and hood are done, do the front end. Now, choose a side and start working your way around the vehicle, doing a panel or two at a time following the technique.

Step #5

After the vehicle is fully washed off, it’s time to dry it. Move it into a shaded area if possible and use the Chemical Guys Woolly Mammoth to dry the paint and glass of the vehicle. Squeeze the towel out as it gets full of water. Use separate microfiber towels for the wheels. You can make one more pass with a few dry microfiber towels to clean up the remaining water if any.

Step #6

So now you got the vehicle fully dry, you can dress the tires using an Adam’s Tire Applicator and Chemical Guys Silk Shine for dressing. Use Chemical Guys Barebones for the wheel wells and suspension. 

Step #7

Clean the windows using Invisible Glass and 2 microfiber towels. One for a dry towel and one as a wet towel. After you spray the window use one towel to dry it and then the second towel to go back over and remove any residue. 

Step #8

Touch up the vehicle using a microfiber towel and Griot’s Speed Shine. If there is a bug on the front end, simply spray it with Speed Shine and wipe it off with a microfiber towel. Maybe a spot of dirt you missed towards the bottom of the vehicle? Anything that you may have missed, this is a great opportunity.

Step #9

You can additionally Use Griots Spray Wax to apply a quick coat of wax to the exterior of the vehicle for short term protection. 

Step #10

Enjoy your clean vehicle!  Make sure to wash your microfiber towels with a scent free laundry detergent and dry them ON LOW or AIR if possible. Many people make the mistake of not cleaning them after and not having their tools ready for the next time!

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