Benefits Of Protecting Your Vehicle's Paint

Why You Should Have Paint Protection On Your Vehicle


1) Glossier Appearance 

This is the major one everyone loves, a glossier & shiner appearance that catches everyone's attention. Riding around in a car that has a brand new look to it will surely provide you a smile on your face. Depending on how glossy of an appearance you want, you could start off with a wax or go all the way up to a high-end ceramic coating. 



2) Makes Washing Easier 

Sealants, Waxes, and Ceramic Coatings, all make washing & maintaining your vehicle easier. Without a form of paint protection, debris can stick to your vehicle and become hard to take off. A quality form of paint protection will prevent the debris from sticking to the paint and make it easy to wash off. 



3) Protects Your Car From Contaminants

Bird droppings, tree sap, and a few other environmental hazards can cause paint corrosion over time. Keeping environmental hazards off your car's paint is key to preventing this. A good paint protection can also help prevent rock & stone damage. Objects will slide off rather than directly hitting the paint and causing damage. 

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4) Reduce The Impact Of UV Radiation

Everytime the sun hits your vehicle, it causes damage. Just like your skin, your vehicle needs some type of sunscreen. UV exposure can cause your paint to prematurely fade leaving and unpleasant appearance. Having a good form of paint protection will keep your car looking its best longer. 

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5) Increase Your Car's Resale Value 

Paint protection can help with your car's resale value. Having an exterior that was well kept up and shining like new, will do a lot better vs. the car that wasn't.

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Forms Of Paint Protection

Now that we have discussed the benefits of paint protection, what are my options? 


Carnauba Wax

Provides a warm shine that typically lasts 1 to 3 months depending on the weather conditions the vehicle is left in. It can be broken down by detergents. It does not protect against scratches, scuffs and rock chips. It provides minimal protection against chemicals. 

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These are synthetic polymers or resins that provide a protective layer that binds to your car’s painted surface. They are also easily removed by detergents and other chemicals, and last only a few months.

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Ceramic Coatings 

These are man-made materials, also called nano-coatings, but do not apply like sealants or waxes. The layer is thinner yet stronger due to the chemical bond formed with the paint. They last for years and can only be removed through abrasion. They resist UV rays, chemicals, scratches and are super hydrophobic. Not only do they provide excellent protection, they make the vehicle easier to clean since dirt wipes or washes away easily. What makes a ceramic coating so much more effective than any other type of sealant or paint protection product is the molecular bond which provides permanent protection. 

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What Do We Recommend?

We recommend ceramic coating due to its longevity. Many people will get on a spree of waxing or sealing their vehicle then get tired of it and stop. Consistency is key when maintaining your vehicle's appearance. Ceramic coating lasts a long time and offers the best protection. Consistently maintaining your vehicle that is ceramic coated is a lot easier vs. sealing or waxing. Now it is the more expensive option and we do recommend you have something over nothing. Waxing and sealing your vehicle is a lot cheaper, and if you can't afford the ceramic coating route, we do recommend getting a good quality wax or sealant applied. 

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